Telephone Plugs and Jacks

Phone connectors are devices we use daily, whether in headphones, consumer electronics, or hands-free sets. They consist of plugs, described as the male connectors, and jacks, defined as the female connectors. These devices are also used in aviation, military, telecommunication, and music production.

Telephone jacks and plugs come in different varieties to fit multiple uses. At Amphenol Nexus Technologies, we produce high-quality phone plugs and jacks for various industries. Read on to learn more about our products.

What are Phone Plug Connectors?

Phone plug connectors, also referred to as 6.3mm or quarter-inch, are a type of phone connector widely used to connect headphones, musical instruments, and microphones to audio equipment. They are usually called “audio jacks” along with their mini-phone counterparts.

Amphenol Nexus offers an extensive line of phone plug connectors in different sizes and conductor configurations to suit a wide range of applications.

What Are Phone Jack Connectors?

Phone jack connectors, or ¼” phone connectors, are a family of electrical connectors used to transmit analog audio signals. They’re also known as headphone jacks, audio jacks, or phone jacks. They come in different varieties, including metal and plastic handles, right-angle plugs, straight plugs, and in two and three-conductor configurations. The ¼” jack connector comes in various options, such as PC terminals, solder lugs, two conductors, three conductors, and an open frame.

At Amphenol Nexus Technologies, we supply different phone jack connectors for various applications. You can check out our products using here.

Applications of Phone Connectors

Amphenol Nexus Technologies’ telephone jacks and plugs are ideal for use as airborne audio connectors due to their compliance with MIL-DTL-9177 qualifications. Many of our products have a rugged design to ensure that they maintain RFI/EMI protection and are environmentally resistant. Our telephone jacks and plugs also have high cross-talk resistance and low-level circuit capabilities.

These designs and capabilities of our telephone jacks and plugs ensure that you can use them in different applications, including:


Military devices rely on phone connectors in various applications. Our phone connectors maintain the highest standards in their production to ensure smooth military operations.

Commercial Aviation Electronics

Amphenol Nexus Technologies produces high-quality phone jacks and plugs for commercial aircraft to maintain the highest level of connectivity during transit.

Medical Products

Medical phone connectors link monitoring tools, instruments, and other devices to create a cohesive healthcare process. Our connectors meet the highest standard to ensure that healthcare institutions can provide the best services.


We produce high-quality phone connectors to connect earphones and headphones to telephones.

Simulation Control

Simulation controls are used across different industries to design and modify various products. Our connectors ensure that all simulation control systems that use them are efficient in their operations.

Farm Equipment

Farming equipment uses different types of connectors in their operation. At Amphenol Nexus Technologies, our connectors are built to resist the demanding conditions of the industry.

Powerboat Racing

Phone connectors are part of the many components of a powerboat. We make high-quality powerboat phone connectors that can withstand exposure to water and moisture.


The telecommunications industry relies heavily on phone plugs and jacks to facilitate clear communication between lines. Our line of telephone plugs and jacks and ideally suited for telecommunications applications.

Quality Phone Connectors from Amphenol Nexus Technologies

Telephone plugs and jacks are undeniably crucial components in various industries. All devices or machinery that use these connectors require high-quality options to meet their needs. Amphenol Nexus Technologies is a leading manufacturer of superior phone connectors across different fields. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or check out our products from our catalogs.