Breaking Down Military Connector Specifications

Components for military applications must be built and tested according to specific military specifications, or Mil-Spec. Learn more about the value of Mil-Spec connectors and the Mil-Spec standards that regulate their features, performance, and testing.

What Are Mil-Spec Connectors?

Mil-Spec connectors are paired male and female components that transfer signals or electricity through contact points. Connectors have three main parts: the contacts, exterior shell, and terminals. These components must be able to withstand harsh environments. For example, the contacts are typically made of a highly conductive, noncorrosive material such as gold-plated phosphor bronze.

Mil-Spec connectors must comply with established requirements and are rated for safe and effective performance in certain military operations.

Military Connector Specifications

There are multiple Mil-Spec standards that guide the production and assessment of different types of connectors. The following standards apply to electrical connectors.

  • MIL-DTL-26482: This establishes the requirements for circular electrical connectors, which include quick disconnect, environmental resistance, and extreme temperature range.
  • MIL-DTL-55116: This describes requirements for connectors in radios and fill systems.
  • MIL-DTL-83527: This sets the requirements and testing criteria for highly specialized connectors meant for use in extremely rugged environments.

Amphenol Nexus Technologies offers the following Mil-Spec connectors that are compliant with the above standards.

  • M8805/3 switches: These push-button switches are specially rated for water submersion. They are often used in aircraft, ground vehicles, naval systems, rugged communications, and avionics.
  • M9177 telephone jacks and plugs: Our M9177 jacks feature a contact material of nickel-plated beryllium copper, and the plugs have a Monel contact. Both have a plastic shell. These products are ideal for ruggedized commercial and military applications.

Amphenol Nexus Technologies: Premium Mil-Spec Connectors

At Amphenol Nexus Technologies, we specialize in designing and manufacturing durable Mil-Spec connectors that comply with military standards.

We offer M8805/3 switches, M9177 telephone jacks and plugs, and M55116 audio jacks and plugs. Our M55116 Mil-Spec jacks and plugs provide long-lasting connections in audio components for radios, intercom systems, and more. They can take up to 60V and a 0.5A maximum current. With either solder cup contacts or crimp sleeves, these connectors are available with miniaturization, right angle, filtering, and shielding.

If you’re ready to select a Mil-Spec connector for your application, contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities.

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