The Importance of Mil-Spec Connectors

Military organizations establish strict standards for the components, equipment, and other manufactured goods they use in military operations. Those standards are referred to as Mil-Spec, or military specifications, and they establish the required dimensions, ratings, and features for each part.

What Are Mil-Spec Connectors?

Mil-Spec electrical and fiber-optic connectors, particularly the Army-Navy series, are the modern standard for military circular connectors. Their design, manufacturing, and operational capabilities must meet certain requirements for heavy-duty use in military applications. For example, mil-spec connectors consist of male and female pairs that must be constructed from noncorrosive, conductive metals such as gold-plated beryllium copper and contained in a dielectric insulator.

Manufacturers and military organizations work together to ensure a product design meets the right standards for certain environments and applications. Because these standards demand durability and reliable performance, other industries—such as aerospace, marine, and automotive—also prefer Mil-Spec connectors.

Choosing Mil-Spec Connectors

When selecting Mil-Spec connectors, ensure each part of the component complies with the applicable military standards. Consider different product options such as size, type, coupling method, and materials.


The contacts create the electrical path that travels from one connector to its mate. Contacts are made from pins and sockets, and they can have different coupling designs to ensure a reliable connection. These designs include threaded coupling, breech lock coupling, and bayonet coupling.


The connector shell is the protective housing that holds the contact points and internal parts. Usually made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, the shell can come in different styles, such as an angled or straight plug, box-mount or wall receptacle, or dummy receptacle. Circular Mil-Spec connectors are cylindrical and vary in size.


Terminals into the system usually have a crimped or soldered connection. The terminals attach the connector to a conductor to facilitate an electrical flow.

M55116 Mil-Spec and Mil-Spec-Type Connectors

At Amphenol Nexus Technologies, we specialize in creating Mil-Spec components and connectors, such as audio plugs and jacks. Our M55116 Mil-Spec audio connectors feature polarized plugs with multiple pins, a waterproof design, and options for added shielding, filtering, miniaturization, and right angle. They can handle frequency circuits up to 60V and a maximum current of 0.5A. Our Mil-Spec connectors are commonly used in audio systems for military radios and intercoms.
In addition to our M55116 Mil-Spec product line, we also carry M9177 telephone jacks and plugs and M8805/3 switches.

Amphenol Nexus Technologies: Premium Mil-Spec Connectors

Connectors that meet or exceed Mil-Spec standards provide long-term, reliable performance. Many products on the market meet these standards, but your specific application will determine which connectors are right for you. Amphenol Nexus Technologies is committed to providing the highest quality Mil-Spec connectors that fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.

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