What is the Difference Between Microphone Plugs & Jacks?

Even with the continued rise of wireless technology, many high-quality headsets, microphones, and other audio equipment still rely on wired connections to boost sound quality and functionality. How these devices plug into computers and larger pieces of equipment matters, as does the material used to make the contact points.

When purchasing audio hardware, it’s important to know the difference between a plug and a jack. A plug is a male-type connector that users insert into the equipment, whereas the jack is the matching female-type connector the plug goes into. For example, a microphone plug will be inserted into a speaker or computer’s jack. Plugs and jacks come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. When selecting plugs and jacks, it’s important to ensure the proper sizing and other properties for each component to ensure it will function in its intended application.

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies Microphone Plugs & Jacks

At Amphenol NEXUS Technologies, we specialize in building robust, durable microphone components to give our users equipment they can rely on. Our designs focus on building robust solutions that can handle a variety of conditions.

For example, we incorporate nylon into our plug designs. Nylon is a synthetic material that has broad use cases ranging from clothing to electronics. This material is corrosion-resistant, insulative, wear-resistant, lightweight, and easy to customize. These properties make nylon an optimal choice for protective housings used on our ruggedized plugs and jacks used in even the harshest applications.

Plugs and jacks from Amphenol NEXUS Technologies will withstand hard usage, up to and including the stresses found in military application environments. Aside from the protective nylon housings, we’ve ruggedized our components by choosing strong materials and designing the jack-plug contacts to withstand hectic conditions. Beryllium is very ductile, making it an excellent choice for forming detailed geometries with specific dimensions. Adding nickel plating protects the beryllium by reducing the potential for diffusion and degradation. It also adds a bright, appealing finish.

With components designed for extreme wear resistance and failsafe capabilities, users of our microphone plugs and jacks can ensure a strong audio connection in rugged environments. This is what makes our solutions so well-suited for use as components in emergency commercial, municipal, and military communication systems.

An infographic explaining the differences between microphone plugs & jacks

Amphenol NEXUS Technologies for Rugged Applications

Since 1961, our team at Amphenol NEXUS has been designing and manufacturing audio plugs and jacks for a broad range of rugged application environments. We specialize in microphone and OEM headsets that are built to last and provide a trustworthy audio connection.

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